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#122 ☾It's winter so I wear white☽
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I’m sailing high but I can’t see  I’ve been pushed around, up and down in a cloud.  And I can’t breathe.  I’m falling down, down to my knees. You’ve gotta let me go, you’ve gotta help me out. You’ve gotta set me free.
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#73 Everybody want to rule the world
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#198 Uroda blaknie, gotowanie jest wieczne. ~ Mechaniczny Anioł
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#298 Ludzie myślą, że ból zależy od siły kopniaka. Ale sekret nie w tym, jak mocno kopniesz, lecz gdzie.
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#123 I'll be your soldier Fighting every second of the day for your dreams, girl I'll be your Hova You can be my Destiny's Child on a scene girl So don't stress, don't cry
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#133 Różowy look dla OLIVIA526
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#58.Prayer In C
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