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You have great heels, but wear them only for one pair of jeans? Daily compose the same safety kit work? I do not know how without spending a lot of money to change your look?

With us you will learn global trends and find your unique style! Express yourself by creating a unique set of clothes and find out what others think of him.

You'll see how to use accessories to change beyond recognition a simple costume or plain sweater. Every check our news, prices and availability of products used in sets. Stay tuned and see what you should have before you go shopping.

With FasLook any article of clothing will not stack up in your closet! Call it 'the economy Shopoholic'.

Find inspiration and inspire others

Prima Fashion style handbag Birkin Hermes Bag + Topshop dress / shirt + Pull and Bear, brown glasses = Olivia Palermo style

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Hello Tokyo!
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No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.
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#130- In Wonderland.
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#131- I want belive it.
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 I see ya, bae.
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*Gwałt* już nie boję się tego słowa ale nadal boję się ciebie ✄
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#135- Życie nam nie ucieka. Życie nas tratuje.
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Wena gdzieś uciekła, ale co tam- z dedyczkiem dla kochanej Aleksandry, która trzema literami potrafi poprawić mi humor <333
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#121 World closed, Wounds open
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Valisere SPOT VIBRANT Biustonosz balkonetka różowy
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Soyaconcept SANDI Spodnie treningowe szary
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sweet deluxe KIMMY 2 PACK Kolczyki czarny
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Young Couture by Barbara Schwarzer Sukienka koktajlowa różowy
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Silvian Heach Sukienka z dżerseju biały
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Rich & Royal LOVE Bluza szary
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Hey... :)
W Sobote ide z kolegami na koncert i nwm co na sb włożyć... chce ładnie wyglądać a za razem czuć się luzno.
(W sobote ma być ładna pogoda więc prosze o pomysły na lato)
Z góry dzięki... :D !! :) :)

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